5AM Rise: Week 1

Welcome to the beginning of the 5AM Rise May Challenge!

Before you dive into your intentional morning routine, having a “why” statement can help you on this journey. These early mornings for 21 days (and beyond if you’re committed to making this a lifestyle) are a great opportunity for you to focus on you before anything and anyone else. Use this time to empower yourself, nourish your body, and set the tone for your day.

If you’re not already accustom to waking up at 5am*, this week you will focus on working your way up (that’s if you didn’t begin doing so last week using the pre-work I provided). Please don’t be hard on yourself, lean on this community to help you and keep in mind that naps during the day if needed are welcome!

During your morning routine today, take a few minutes to plan out the week ahead and be very detailed. Instead of creating a traditional to-do list, also incorporate how you want to feel this week, what positive habits you want to add, what bad habits you want to remove, and what goals you want to accomplish.

Save the below to your phone, fill-in and share:

The key to a successful morning routine is a good night routine. At some point today, before 6pm, focus on curating a wind-down routine and try going to bed at a reasonable time so you can wake up early the next day.

*If you want to dive right into waking up at 5, by all means, do your thing but I do not recommend this. By Wednesday, you may find it hard to wake up. I’ve seen it happen time and time again.

Good luck on week 1!

If you are participating in the public challenge be sure to share your progress on social. 2 winners will be chosen at the end of the challenge!

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