August Letter From AF: Be Present

Another goal down! I’ve finally secured my name as a domain and started a brand new site. I’ve been planning to do this for months, but you know, procrastination got a hold of me. Anyway, it’s done and I am in love with it so far. Finally have a platform to display my work, and the things I love: travel, beauty,  lifestyle, interiors and more. I will be migrating some of the content from my old blog here, but not all. The site will still be live for a short period of time, however, so feel free to head back and read through past posts if you like. It’s time for new beginnings!

It’s a new month, and I am so ready to welcome all of the new blessings and experiences ahead. This summer has been nothing short of amazing so far and I plan for it to get better day by day. My trip to Tulum reminded me how important it is to be present and live in the moment. Too many times we get so caught up planning for the future that we forget to live.

Also, about my #27before28 list of goals that I mentioned in my Pyramid of Positive Thinking post, I create a list of goals for the year (on Jan 1st) and on my birthday every year, but usually it’s about 10 goals or so (I mentioned this in my Ahead of The Curve post that was originally posted on my old blog in January, but you can read it here). This year I chose to do the same number as my age to give myself a bigger push, as we all know: A lot can happen in a year. This list, however, is kept private until I achieve what has been listed, so stay tuned as I reveal each goal that I achieve (if you want to know one reason why I do this, check out this video). Some I may not even share because they’re as simple as drinking more water for a month or meditating more than once a day. Nevertheless, I am very excited about doing things for me and achieving the goals I have set out for myself! 🙂

This month’s motto:

Wherever you are be all there.