Lost & Found: My Near Nightmare at CDG Airport

Story time: This past summer I stumbled upon Cara Alwill Leyba’s site. I read her blog posts for hours! (If I remember correctly I spent my entire day perusing her site.) There was this one post that stood out to me, mainly because she was sharing her experience with one of my biggest nightmares: losing things. Everyone hates having to deal with some type of loss, whether it be a loved one, losing a game or an item dear to your heart. In short: Cara lost her computer at the airport, panicked, then began to remain calm, and eventually, voila, mystery solved, she got it back! After reading that post, I remember all of the feelings I had, I literally wanted to cry while reading the post and I kept saying to myself: “She got really lucky, I pray I wouldn’t ever have to deal with something like this”. Well….

accessories hermes michael kors CDG airport lost and found

On my trip back home from Paris, I was shuffling my way through CDG airport, ready to go and spend the rest of my Euros in duty-free and hop on the plane to head back home. In the midst of it all, my mind was elsewhere. I was in a hurry, tired, hungry and just ready to head home. Usually, when heading to the airport, I remove all of my jewelry, place them in my handbag and put them back on when I arrive at my destination. For the first time ever, I forgot all about my pre-security check routine.

I went through the scanner, and of course, I set off the alarm. Looked down at my hands and noticed I had on my watch and my bracelet. While my bag and camera were going through the scanner to the left of me, I was busy removing my jewelry and handing them to security so I can walk through the machine, again. Walked through and nothing, but they still needed to scan me. As I wait for them to finish the body search with the hand-held metal detector device, I was looking over my shoulder to make sure no one takes my camera or my bag. Once they were through with me, I swiftly walked over to the buckets to grab my belongings and headed to duty-free.

It was not until I sat on the plane did I realize my watch and bracelet were not with me. I panicked for one hot second (I kid you not it was a nano second) because I remembered Cara’s story. At that point, I was in the air, up in the clouds. I sat there and asked myself: What was I going to do? Hop out of the window? I think not. Just like Cara, God was telling me I needed to slow down. I told myself these are items that can be replaced (although one comes with a hefty price), do not worry. Then, I began to pray. I thanked God for granting me the opportunity to go on this trip, and I thanked him for the lesson he was teaching me: Slow down.

Upon landing, while waiting for my bags I Googled “Lost & Found CDG Airport” filled out a form with a description of my items and just waited. 24 hours later I received a response that my items have been found! God is so good! Luckily my friend Tierra was heading to Paris for vacation and retrieved my items for me. I cannot thank God enough. There are still some really nice human beings out there. Don’t let anyone tell you any different. Anyone at CDG airport could have just pocketed my items, but they didn’t. I am so grateful for the lesson and so grateful for getting my items back.

When it comes to jewelry, I am a very simple kind of gal. I love staple items. When I was without my Hermes bracelet and my Michael Kors Watch, I felt a bit naked. I am so happy to have them back!


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