I Ran Some Miles & I Liked It!

Since I’m back on my health kick, why not restart my lifestyle with some free fitness training provided by Nike?! On Sunday, my family and I joined Nike’s Rookie run. All attendees thought they were going to be trained to run one mile and ended up doing 3!!


Running is an activity I never liked in high school (well then again I hated gym class altogether). Since it strengthens the immune system, increases bone density, improves mental health and physical strength-I chose to give it another shot.

My momma after completing the first lap!

After my run, I felt so energized, and my mind was so relaxed. I am definitely going to participate in this activity again!

If you would like to join, sign up at Nike.com/nyc it’s free and so much fun! Don’t wait! Spots fill up pretty quick!

Health is wealth, come along and get healthy and fit with me! Stay tuned for more on my updated fitness and health routine.

Look at us go!