5 Podcasts Worth Listening To During Your Spare Time

Besides snuggling up with a good book or a glossy, I love listening to podcasts. I first started listening to podcasts when Serial was trending, but then I was in search of something more fulfilling, something that was worth listening to in the morning, something that motivated me to start my day. I began to scroll through iTunes and started to hit subscribe to podcasts that were uplifting, inspiring, and positive. All the things I needed to fill my mind and soul. Here are 5 of the podcasts currently in rotation on my playlist:

  1. Myliek Teele. Myleik is the big sister I never had (but she doesn’t know this). Anything you want more information on, whether it be business, career, work or relationships, Myleik has her two cents and more. I love her no B.S. approach about everything.
  2. T.D. Jakes: The Potters Touch. My man T.D. Jakes! Because I can’t get enough of Jesus, and enough of a good WORD, I tune in to T.D. Jakes for a moving sermon. Every episode is worth a listen.
  3. That’s So Retrograde. We all want to be out best selves, right? Well, Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Simbari do, too!  These girls are so funny and have the most incredible guest speakers. Here you’ll listen to interviews with gurus, tips, and the most knee-slapping funny stories!
  4. Fat Mascara. Jennifer Goldstein & Jessica Matlin are amazing for creating this platform! The dynamic duo are beauty editors at Hearst, who are passionate about their careers. Here you’ll find their inside scoop on beauty trends, beauty myths, news and they bring on major guests for interviews. If you’re into The Beauty Brains, you’ll totally dig this as well.
  5. Black Girl In Om. One of my close friends, Jae, recently put me on to this podcast and I LOVE it. All I have to say is listen to episode #4. If you’re into yoga, meditation, and simply being inspired by women doing things and going after their dreams, you’ll love this! Thank me later!

I have a few more that I’m test driving at the moment, but for now these are my top 5. What podcasts are you listening to?