5AM Rise: Week 3 – The Finale

Welcome to the final week of the 5AM rise challenge. This week you will continue with the morning (and night) routines that you have curated specifically for your lifestyle, but you will also take time to reflect. What’s important about this challenge is also taking time and acknowledging the progress you have made, and what it has done for you. 

If you didn’t do all of the things you planned to do during this 21-day challenge, don’t be hard on yourself. If you did, good for you! Keep it up. This is a journey to creating the lifestyle you want for yourself, so embrace every single minute of it. It may be safe to assume that you want to continue with this 5AM rise (and I do hope so) so don’t look at this as the end. Using the template below, write down five top reflections as this will help you along the rest of your journey.

Here are some prompts to help you:
1. What did I learn about myself during the course of this challenge?

2. What did I like the best about my routine?

3. What did I like the least about my routine?

4. What goals did I achieve during this time?

5. How did waking up early and having an intentional morning routine help me overall?

If you are participating in the public challenge be sure to share your progress on social. 2 winners will be chosen at the end of the challenge!

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