Dominican Republic Travel Guide

“We Travel, Some of Us Forever, to Seek Other Places, Other Lives, Other Souls-“
Anais Nin

I don’t even know where to begin. This past weekend my boyfriend and I visited the Dominican Republic, it was the most heartfelt trip he and I have ever been on..

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We stayed in La Romana, which is the third largest city in DR. Our mission was to explore, have fun and see as many things we can. We did just that and more. From La Romana we traveled to Bayahibe, Santo Domingo, Saona Island, and Boca Chica.

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Engaging in the Dominican culture and interacting with the locals was the most memorable part of my trip. In addition learning how to grind coffee using a huge mortar and pestle (I bought a mini version as a souvenir), tasting local dishes, watching cock fights (so scary!!) and dancing bachata (or trying to).  😉 I even learned how to roll a cigar!


During our tour throughout Santo Domingo, the tradition is for tourists to gift the children with candy as we came across them throughout the community. Honestly, I wish I was handing them fruit, clothing, or money to contribute to their well-being. Nevertheless the smile on their face when receiving the candy made me feel like I have done my deed for the day. After visiting their homes, and seeing their living conditions, all I wanted to do was to leave them with a smile.  In Bayahibe, I gave a young boy 100 pesos after he kindly helped me wash the sand off my feet from the beach.

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I came across beautiful and inspirational plant life during our travels- such as red ferns and red hibiscus. A young girl in the village made me a vase from a plastic cup and placed some flowers in it, she was the cutest thing ever!

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The locals prepared us food during our visit Comatillo, Santo Domingo! Also I enjoyed the best Dominican food and a yummy coconut on Saona Island.


Another memorable part of my trip was finally seeing and touching a starfish, I was in awe!


Here’s a travel tip- If you ever plan to visit Dominican Republic please visit the beautiful Saona Island, and go on the Jeep Safari tour. It’s so fun and interesting to learn about different cultures, as well as taking a swim in the natural pool at Saona Island. You don’t always have to go to the popular spots like Punta Cana, go beyond what you already know and explore something different.

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