A Peek Inside My Cozy Living Room

Every now and again I like to revamp my space. My living room, the place I spend 85% of my time was the first room on my list to give a bit of a makeover, actually to be quite honest, I never finished decorating it, as you read this post you’ll understand why. First things first, what I dislike about my living room (ugh, and my bedroom) is the placement of outlets. They’re placed in such awkward spots in the room which really cramps my style and vision, but hey, sometimes you’ve got to work with what you’ve got.

wayfair hokku designs tv stand
The day after building the stand. Playing around with decor.

When I first bought furniture for my living room back in 2014, I wasn’t really ready to get into the whole decor project at the time. I used that time to save money for future purchases and buy my staple pieces (neccessites like my couch, library, ceiling lighting) in the meantime because I felt that any other purchase I make probably would be out of impulse and I would hate it later!  I also believe it really takes time to get to know your space, observe the kinks, flaws, and slowly but surely invite elements that speak to you and how you want to feel. I know for sure that I want my living room to feel extremely cozy, with a minimalist vibe when it comes to design — too much glitz and glam is not my thing. So over the years, I collected ideas, swatches, souvenirs from my travels and more to help inspire and round out my vision.

One thing I’m really thrilled about at the moment is my new TV stand. I’ve had my television on a really small table until I could figure out what kind of TV stand I wanted (color, size, shape). I had my eye on this guy from Wayfair for legit over a year, and finally caved in and got it because it went on sale (not the sale price it currently is, I actually got it for $190—tax included)! I LOVE it SO much!

I’ve also replaced my shaggy grey area rug with a jute rug from IKEA. I’ve been having a thing for sisal rugs lately (and love the layering inspo I’ve been coming across all over the net), but couldn’t decide if I wanted one with a chunky woven detail or a small and fine detail. The chunky one won as you can see. I love the informal texture that it adds to my space, the colors complement the palette of the room which balances everything out and creates harmony. One caveat: Jute rugs aren’t easy to clean so I’m taking a huge risk here. Let’s just say I’m praying no one spills their drink, or my dog doesn’t have a little accident. *fingers crossed*

Right now, the rest of the living room is still a work-in-progress. Since the room is quite big, I have found a way to split it into two. I’m working on filling up some more negative space on the opposite side — like creating a little puppy corner for my dog, finishing up my gallery wall, and adding some finishing touches to my new bar cart — while making sure the room is entirely functional and has flow.

Stay tuned for more bits of my home projects! Check out more using my hashtag #AJF_living on instagram! 

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