How to Build A Morning Routine That Works for You

Before you read: The post below was written in 2017, since then I have made a few changes such as waking up at 5AM and not 5:15AM. I also recently created a 5AM morning routine challenge which you can learn more about in this Instagram Story Highlight

True story: I am a morning person. I can’t ever sleep-in even if I tried. During my work commute last week, I completed What The Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast by Laura Vanderkam to help me figure out what else I could possibly add to my morning routine to help me create a productive day. Whether you’re already a morning person, or want to become one, here’s how you can create a morning routine that complements your lifestyle.

My Current Morning Routine

My alarm clock goes off at 5:15AM every single morning, even on the weekends. The goal is to be up by 5:45, pray, read, drink tea or coffee, then jump in the shower and focus on my current morning winter skincare routine. I really don’t have to be up until about 7 AM, but I don’t believe in waking up, immediately jumping in the shower and rushing out the door. I like to take my time, this also ensures I’m not forgetting anything on my way out.

For weekends, if I don’t have any plans, I get out of my bed, head into my living room and begin to work on my extracurricular activities.

3 Tips for Becoming A Morning Person

1. Find a bed time that works for you.

2. Create a list of things you want to do in the morning before your work day begins.

3. Wake up the same exact time every single morning.

What I’m Adding to My Morning Routine

The Gym – My new health insurance covers it and I’ve found that working out at night keeps me wide awake.

Writing – I tend to do this at night, but I’m going to start doing some writing in the morning as well.

Setting aside dinner ingredients – Doing this will help me figure out if there’s anything I need to pick up on my way home from work.

Cleaning – One room a day, keeps the housekeeper away! LOL I don’t have a housekeeper, obviously. But cleaning one room each morning can help you dedicate your weekends and evenings to other things.

Are you a morning person? Let me know about your current morning routine! 

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