October 2021 FAQs: Popular Questions in My DMs Lately

As my community continues to grow on Instagram (which I am so grateful for and thank you for sharing me with your friends!), my inbox is a bit more challenging to manage in the time frame I would like. While I will continue to answer DMs as best as I can, I thought creating a post with FAQs would be helpful for many.

I’ll create a post like this monthly, where you can find all of the most commonly asked questions of the month. 


– October’s Top Questions in My DMs –


Who makes your Instagram story highlights?

I get this question very often. My customized highlights are made by Alindos on Etsy. I have a code ALYSSA10 for 10% off your order. They are very easy to work with! I would recommend really tapping into your creativity when briefing them so that your highlights reflect you and the content you create.

Where can I find the Amber oil?

I have a dedicated highlight on my feed for this oil by Nemat. You can find it on Amazon, in WholeFoods or Ulta. If you want to take advantage of my discount code though, you can use: ALYSSA5 on NematPerfumes.com

How to use ILIA beauty Skin Tint and what shade are you?

My shade is Pavones but I am testing out another color on me to see how it looks on my skin. I apply the skin tint right after moisturizing my face. You can also refer my quick IGTV video if you’re more of a visual person like me!

Who makes the jewelry you wear?

On a daily I’m most likely wearing Lili Claspe and a few fine jewelry pieces I’ve had for years that were gifted to me by family. Mejuri is also a fave of mine. Here’s a video with some of my favorite Lili Claspe pieces

Where is your clothing rack from?

My clothing rack is from Amazon. You can shop it here and I also have an Amazon shop page which features all of my favorite Amazon purchases and recos.

Is the 5AM challenge coming back?

Yes. It will be back. Had to pause on hosting the challenge to prioritize the energy I needed for a few big work projects.


Stay tuned for next month’s round of questions! If you have any others, feel free to drop them in the comments below.