Summer Harvest: July In-Season Produce List 

Did you know that in-season produce has a higher nutritional value than produce that isn’t in-season? In addition to being more nourishing, it’s also better tasting and costs less since they are in abundance. All of our favorite fruits and vegetables aren’t in season all year round, so use this time to make the most of what summer has to offer. Let’s start off with a handy list of produce that you can find in abundance this July. 

Whether you are taking a trip to the grocery store or your local farmer’s market, below you’ll find a list of in-season produce for July that will nourish your body, help you achieve your wellness goals, beauty goals from the inside out, and even support your financial goals as buying in-season produce is easier on the pockets. 

July In-Season Produce

Here’s a shortlist of July in-season produce you may like and some of their benefits.  


+ Apricots – Rich in Vitamin A and beta-carotene

+ Blackberries – High in fiber and vitamin C

+ Cherries – High in fiber and vitamins A & K 

+ Melons – High in fiber, vitamin K, potassium and copper 

+ Nectarines – Rich in vitamin C, carotenoids and potassium

+ Peaches – Rich in vitamin C, fiber and helps decrease inflammation

+ Pears – Rich in vitamin A and helps improve blood circulation 

+ Pineapples – Great source of B vitamins 

+ Raspberries – good source of potassium 

+ Strawberries – great source of antioxidants and vitamin C 


+ Cabbage – Great source of vitamin C and helps aid in digestion

+ Carrots – Vitamin A and beta-carotene

+ Celery – High in antioxidants and vitamin C

+ Cucumbers – Promotes hydration and great source of antioxidants

+ Eggplant – Great source of fiber, aids in digestion and supports brain health

+ Lettuce – Promotes hydration and great source of vitamin K 

+ Onions – A good source of sulfur and helps fight inflammation

+ Summer Squash – High in antioxidants and a good source of vitamins A, C & B

Which of these are on your grocery list for this month?