DIY: How to Update Your Space with Eucalyptus Plants

True story: I’m addicted to plants. There isn’t any way I can go grocery shopping and leave without a set of pretty blooms — they’re budget friendly and gorgeous especially at Trader Joe’s! Lately I’ve been really into eucalyptus plants, they smell so good and add a subtle pop of color to your space. Using greenery to liven up my space is one of my favorite ways to decorate. If I could have a greenhouse, I would! I bought a bunch at the beginning of the fall season, decorated my entire space with them, and it gave me an instant mood boost.


eucalyptus silver dollar bouquet

Creating your own eucalyptus bouquet is super simple! All you have to do is the following:

1. Choose your eucalyptus.

You can choose from silver dollar, seeded or baby blue. For my bouquet I chose silver dollar and baby blue.

2. Buy a few flowers that complement each other.

…or mix-n-match if that’s what you’re feeling. I personally like when decor creates harmony so I stick to what I know will blend in nicely. I also picked up a bouquet that had some ferns so I can give my arrangement a wintry feel.

trader joes eucalyptus arrangement flowers diy

2. Prep your plants.

Cut stems at an angle and remove any leaves.

3. Pick a vase that you love!

I like to repurpose candle jars, wine bottles, or use vases that have been passed on by family members. This zebra vase was my grandmother’s and it’s one of my favorites to decorate with! Choose something that’s stylish (I love this Ruan Hoffmann pot) or opt for something simple (like this textured ceramic vase).

4. Arrange to your liking and you’re done!

Don’t think too hard about this, do what makes you happy and looks good to you!

bookshelf traderjoes eucalyptus interiors arrangements 2
End result! #ShelfieGoals

 For more of my simple bouquet creations and lifestyle posts on social media, scroll through my hashtag #AJF_Living on Instagram. 

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