Dossier Perfume Speakeasy Collection Launch

Dossier Speakeasy Launch

Last month, I attended the preview of the new Dossier Originals collection. If you’re new to Dossier, the brand creates affordable, high-quality scents inspired by luxury designer fragrances with formulas that are clean, non-toxic, vegan and cruelty-free minus any harmful ingredients. Aside from nailing fragrances inspired by some of the most coveted luxury perfumes on the market, Dossier also offers a range of original fragrances. The latest launch: The Speakeasy Collection.

Dossier’s Speakeasy collection is “inspired by the scents of mouthwatering cocktails” and I must say, they hit the nail on the head when it came to crafting these scents. See below for my thoughts on the four delectable unisex fragrances that complete this collection:

Dossier Speakeasy Collection Review

Dossier Speakeasy Launch

Fresh Margarita & Lime

My first impression of this fragrance was that it is smells summer in a bottle. For me it smells aquatic, fresh, floral with a zesty hint of lime. At first spritz, it may feel a bit more on the masculine side in my opinion as the aquatic notes are very present, but when it dries down and settles on the skin it gets a bit more powdery and the soft, clean white musk note adds a gentle touch.

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Bubbly Spritz & Bitters

I am not typically a citrus fragrance girl BUT, I’d have to say there are a couple of fragrances that I’ve experienced this year that had me thinking: “Girl, you have been experiencing the wrong citrus perfumes.” Bubbly Spritz & Bitters is definitely has my heart. After the event, this was the one fragrance I continuously went back to. There’s just something about this scent that really gives me the summer vibe I’m channeling at the moment: fun, flirty, free.

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Golden Rum & Amber

When I saw the name of this fragrance I already knew it’d be something I’d like. I have yet to smell a fragrance with Amber as a note that I didn’t like. And mixed with rum? Yes, please! Golden Rum & Amber is sweet and sexy. If you like Zara’s Ebony Woods that I’ve raved about two years ago on Instagram stories, I strongly feel you would like this, too. In this fragrance, however, the plum and vanilla notes really stand out. It’s more on the fruity side which feels more of a summer vibe but it can seamlessly flow into the colder months, too. I’d use this as go-to fragrance for easing my way into the autumnal equinox. You know when the nights of summer begin to feel extra cool? That’s the time. It’s the perfect transitional scent for summer to fall.

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Smoky Mezcal & Cucumber

I am someone who loooves a mezcal cocktail and appreciates the smoky aroma of mezcal but I never thought of how it can smell on the body as a perfume. Every time I get a whiff of Smoky Mezcal & Cumber the woody notes brings me back to solo trippin’ in Mexico. For me, this fragrance gives me a calming vibe that reminds me of the feeling of zen I aim for during my solo trips to Tulum. As the scent fades on the skin, spicy notes start to peek through, but its a subtle spice that’s balanced with a smooth scent that almost smells like palo santo. As zen as it makes me feel, there’s something quite sexy and mysterious about this perfume. I’d wear this at night, with a sexy slip dress.

Try this: I’ve found that Golden Rum & Amber layers well with Smoky Mezcal & Cucumber

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