Globetrotting: Reflections of China 2013

Next month marks a year since I traveled to China. To this day, I can’t get over how amazing and life changing this experience was. China is where I experienced my first major culture shock!

Being a natural-haired African- American girl in China caught many locals by surprise. My college professor warned me about this before the trip so I expected this. Throughout this country, I travelled to Beijing, Xi’an, Hangzhou, Wuzhen and Shanghai. What I loved most about this venture was the ability to learn and participate in the Chinese culture, from Tea Ceremonies to eating traditional dishes. I had the opportunity to climb the Great Wall, visit Traditional family homes, ride in a rickshaw, and I even took the risk of going sight-seeing on my own just to get away from the group and engage in my own personal adventure. Below are snapshots from each city I visited. I wish I can share every photo from my trip but that’s way too many images. In the meantime enjoy these photos below!




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