Pyramid of Positive Thinking Experience in Tulum

Tulum, Tulum, Tulum! Where do I even begin? Well, let me say this first, Tulum has been on my list for quite a long time, however, year after year I kept putting this destination at the bottom of my travel list.  I recently posted on my Instagram the experience I had at the Pyramid of Positive Thinking, where I also explained the reason why I finally took my trip to this magical place.

Back in October on my birthday, I made a list of 27 goals I would like to achieve before I turn 28. Each goal falls under a different category; Tulum, of course, was listed under my travel goals. Why Tulum? Despite my desire to see many of the famous attractions in Mexico, every time I come across someone’s images from their travels in Tulum, I got a peaceful, and spiritual vibe. I am all about self-love, exploration, spirituality, and growth. I knew this was a place I had to go and experience all of the positive energy for myself.

I took this trip with one of my close friends since we haven’t been on a girls trip together in forever. What I loved about the area in Tulum we stayed in was that everything was so close by on bike, lucky for us our hotel provided us with bicycles. On one of our morning rides to the beach we came across a sign for The Pyramid of Positive Thinking, I’ve never heard of it before but decided we should definitely visit. We went the following day and had one of the best spiritual experiences together.

The Pyramid of Positive Thinking was created by Xavier De Maria y Campos, it stands at a height of 12 meters and can hold up to 1 million positive thoughts.

Our aim is to create a synergy among us all through the sharing of dreams, encouragement and good wishes for this new era. Our Positive Thoughts written on paper and placed in a PET bottle, as if hosted inside an incubator, will generate through the pyramid an energy that will travel across the universe, during the next cycle that will materialize into action. In this way we can all be protagonists of our own history, building it with our grain of sand in thoughts of positive desires. It is a unique and unrepeatable opportunity to express at this moment unique to our humanity that we want a change.


Writing my positive thought.
Message in a bottle!

Pyramid of Positive Thinking

Pyramid of Positive Thinking
After placing your positive thought into the bottle, you then have to climb up the steps and deposit it into the pyramid.

If you ever plan on going to Tulum, be sure to check out The Pyramid of Positive Thinking!

After taking in the moment, we hopped back onto our bikes and went shopping!

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