My Dry and Flaky Skin Remedy from & Other Stories

I’ve been meaning to write a review about these body scrubs from & Other Stories for a while, but now that there’s a selection on sale at the moment, I have to get this post out ASAP! I was first introduced to this product after attending a press preview two years ago. Ever since then, this has been my go-to body scrub to combat flaky skin and to give my skin that silky-clean feeling we all crave.

The first scrub I tried was the Floral Momento. As someone who doesn’t normally gravitate towards floral scents when it comes to beauty products, as they often give me a killer headache, this one is very subtle. The second one I got my hands on is the Sardonyx Firewhich is like a dream packaged into a jar. It has this luxurious vanilla and amber scent, but not too sweet to make you nauseated.

Now onto how this stuff feels on your skin. It’s super gentle, so no need to worry about having any kind of abrasions on your skin. I have used my fair share of body scrubs, but nothing, (and I mean nothing) compares to this experience. After applying to damp skin, massaging and then rinsing, not only does this scrub slough off dead flaky skin, but it also leaves your skin visibly and physically silky. I can’t shower without using it!

If you’ve been eyeing this product for a while, have flaky skin, or just need a new body scrub to try, I really suggest you get your hands on this. There’s a tiny selection on sale at the moment; get it while it’s still there and tell me how you like it! My friend, Desiree already jumped onto the bandwagon and she’s in LOVE. Currently, the Bonbon Tree and Frozen Verbana is on sale for $9 (reg. price:$15)! Seriously, run don’t walk!


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