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At the beginning of the year, I fell down an instagram rabbit hole of posts that highlighted the formulation of mainstream collagen brands. I learned that many collagen brands use (including brands I used to purchase😩) an agglomeration process by placing collagen through an agglomerator which binds the collagen with substances like water, gums, starches and oils ( and not the kind of oils we’d want to consume often). As someone who is on a mission to decrease the consumption of added ingredients that may be harmful to my system overtime, specifically for things that I consume on a daily basis, this is super alarming to me especially since I use collagen religiously.

I’ve been hearing about Agent Natuer’s (holi)mane for quite some time, and I must admit, the amount of times I’ve seen the brand over the years, whether it be in an article, on a celeb’s Instagram post or even served an ad, I was on the fence about the whole thing. You know when you see something so much that you’re just like “yeah, yeah, next”… that was me. That’s until I decided to learn more about the brand and really dive into the reviews from consumers that are obsessed with it. When I found out the founder also has endometriosis just like me, my interest was piqued even more.

So what’s the hype? (holi)Mane is formulated in partnership with Dr. Will Cole (who I adore btw I could listen to him for hours on end). It’s a 2-in-1 supplement for hair, skin and nails formulated with marine collagen from the scales of wild caught fish (which is great for anti-aging amongst many other skin, hair and nail benefits) and pearl powder (which is anti-inflammatory, packed with minerals and antioxidants and also helps stimulate collagen production) but it doesn’t undergo the agglomeration process like most collagen brands. What is on the label of holi(mane) is exactly what’s inside of the packaging.

The verdict: I began using (holi)mane on February 20th. I didn’t buy this just for my hair health, though. Collagen is a staple in my daily routine for my skin as well as my gut health and has been for years. The key thing for me about (holi)mane is that it’s not just a collagen and I wanted to get the benefits from the pearl powder, too.

After the first couple of weeks of consumption (it barely has any taste in case you’re wondering), I didn’t realize much at first but I did notice that my nails were growing longer and stronger (my nails were thin due to constant filing from the gel manicure removal process at the salon) vs. feeling flimsy and brittle after the first month. Then after more daily use over the following weeks, I also realized that my hair wasn’t shedding as much as it was in 2021. Like any supplement, it can take months before you notice any results to rave about but so far, it’s been working for me and it agrees with my body.

This product does have a very steep price but you are getting high quality collagen (1,2,3 & 4 type collagen) and the pearl powder comes from salt water pearls and let’s not forget this is a 2-in-1 supplement. Coming in at $98 for a bag, this is really an investment but I feel like I’m getting bang for my buck. I will say, its now May and I still have enough collagen to last me for just about two more months. I also don’t use the full serving recommended. I only add about 1/2 of the scoop (the scoop comes inside of the bag) to my tea every single morning.

Will I buy this again? Yes.

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