My Current Hair Supplement Routine

welbell hair supplement and holimane collagen for hair

Hair supplements were never something that I take year round because it isn’t something that I felt my hair needed. The only time I would take a hair supplement is if I am trying to grow my hair, realize breakage, or my hair simply looks and feels lifeless and dull. Since I’m on the quest to re-grow my hair after my super short hair cut from summer 2021, I’ve been utilizing supplements to help me (and not to mention: My hair was falling and shedding due to stress last year).

Wellbel Hair Supplements 

When I decided that I wanted to grow my hair out after my short cut, I went back to using my trusty Hairfinity which I have used on/off for a couple of years but I realized that the formula was making me feel fatigued (and I’m not referring to the fatigue I usually experience during my cycle). So I made a switch.

I’ve been hearing great things about Wellbel and decided to buy it. What I love about this formula is that it is made with women’s wellness in mind and it doesn’t contain more biotin than you actually need. This hair supplement is formulated with saw palmetto which helps balance out your hormones. Why do I care about this? I don’t want to see my hair thriving and growing in other places but my head (eyebrows and lashes, we can talk about that in another post). 😉

So far, after the three months of using this, I don’t have any complaints. My hair is growing at a pace that I am happy with, it’s fuller, I can put it in a short ponytail again (yay!) and I can’t wait to see where my hair will be by the fall season (that’s if I don’t get the urge to cut it again! 🙈)

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holi(mane) 2-in-1 supplement

This is another purchase I made back in February but I didn’t buy it specifically for my hair, I’ve been taking collagen for years to help treat an ulcer in my stomach due to the amount of pain killers I have had to take due to my period pain (don’t have this issue anymore) however, after I learned something disturbing about the process of most collagen brands (including one of my previously favorite collagen brands) so I had to make an immediate switch.

My holi(mane) journey began on February 20th (before I started Wellbel about a week later) you can read my review here. I’ve been consuming 1/2 scoop every single day when I have my morning tea concoction (pictured above). It takes a bit of time for it to dissolve using a traditional stirring method so I prefer to stir it with a hand-held frother or add a scoop to my dairy-free milk of choice and froth it using my Nespresso frother.

Just like Wellbel, this takes a few months before you begin to see any changes but I noticed a change in the strength of my nails within the first month. When it comes to hair, I do give credit to (holi)mane for the progress I’ve seen as it relates to my hair shedding.

Try (holi)mane here



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