London Calling!

If someone told me that they knew for sure, that in 2016, London will be calling my name I would have told them “Shut your mouth!” This was a trip I didn’t see coming my way anytime soon —although London was on my list of places to visit— I was more focused on some other goals on my list before I could think of traveling so early in the year. Lo and behold, I knocked two goals down at once! New job and new location for a week to start it all off! Hello, London!


As you can tell from this blog, or knowing me personally, you’ll know I LOVE beauty! While I did pursue a career in fashion, I never hid my love for all things beauty, whether it be skincare, hairstyles, hair care and more. In 2015, I took a leap of faith at pursuing what I truly love and it worked out! Don’t get me wrong I still love all things fashion, but I don’t want to put all of my eggs in one basket and not go after the one thing that sparked my interest ever since I was a little girl. Plus beauty and fashion go hand-in-hand!


February 2016, I landed a new job and traveled to a new city for training, it was everything I ever imagined and more. While I was mainly in London for work, I made it my duty to explore and take in everything the city had to offer (although it was brutally cold). I mean, who wouldn’t want to do that?


Big Ben!
The london eye
The London Eye

boots london

While some of London’s iconic attractions were on my list, the beauty scene was on the forefront. I heard so much about Boot’s in London from UK magazines so I had to check it out for myself. Let’s just call this place “Beauty Heaven”. For me, Boot’s is like Sephora on steroids! More than anything, I was happy to get my hands on some of the best beauty products from the UK like Bioderma, E45 and Avéne (we have this in the US as well).


After going crazy in Boots, I took a trip down to Marks & Spencer’s which is like UK’s Macy’s but better (sorry Macy’s). The ground level has a grocery shop so I started there first to get my hands on some good ole’ tea and biscuits to bring home. I also shopped for clothes, and let’s just say I had to pray my suitcase wasn’t overweight on my way home!

When in London, try the fish and chips! I had fish and chips every single night and did not regret it at all! There was a cute pub 3 minutes away from my hotel and it was delicious!

fish and chips london

While there was so much more that happened during this amazing work trip, these are some of the highlights that I have been meaning to share with you and I can’t wait to go back to this amazing city! In the meantime, check out by Unilever, where I am the Associate Beauty Editor! Yay! There you’ll find your daily hair inspiration, latest hair trends, how-tos and more!

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